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Feel Better Faster with Essential Oils

Swimmers Take Care of Your Hair

SNS Nail Supplies Online

How to Take Care of Your Nails as a Woman

The Health Boosting Effects of Turmeric, and Saffron Supplements

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Welcome to NutritionWise

Thank you for visiting NutritionWise, the private practice of Nicole Meadow, MPN, RD. The connection between health and nutrition continues to grow stronger every day. People are realizing more and more that making changes to improve their diet and physical activity habits can improve their overall health. Nutrition is a life-long journey, not a final destination. Combining healthy eating habits with an effective exercise routine is extremely important to attaining a life of health and mental wellness. Good nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle, the foundation of which is built on healthy eating habits. With a focus on disease prevention and overall health awareness, we guide you to take a more active role in managing your quality of life.

NutritionWise News_______________________________

• NutritionWise is pleased to announce the addition of a new dietitian. Deborah Turquie, MS, RD has joined our team and is a wonderful clinician fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew. Please see "About Us" for more details about Deborah.

• 1/23/10: Nicole and Patricia present "Rethinking Pediatric Nutrition Assessment and Intervention” at Children's Hospital Los Angeles along with fellow pediatric dietitian and former colleague Hope Wills.

• Nicole is featured in an article on "Eosinophilic Esophagitis" in the December 2009 edition of ICAN (Infant, Children and Adolescent Nutrition) professional journal.

• Patricia is speaking in Las Vegas in February at Pediatric Feeding: Using the DIR®/FloortimeTM Model A Relationship-Based Approach from a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

• Patricia is Participating in creating Standards of Practice (SOP) and Standards of Professional Performance (SOPP) for Dietititans working with Individuals with Special Needs with the American Dietetic Association



How to Take Care of Your Nails as a Woman

Your nails are an essential part of your body that should be well taken care of at all times. When we stop taking care of our nails regularly, they become unclean, and germs store up in them, making them unhealthy for us. We make use of our hands daily, especially when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Whenever we keep unkempt fingernails, there are chances that the dirt that stores up in the nails will find its way into whatever food that we are preparing in the kitchen, which is why unkempt nails are not acceptable. Whether you keep natural nails or you make use of OPI gel nail polish colors, there are necessary steps you need to take to keep your nails healthy. Don't just focus on how to get your nails colored with the beat OPI nail colors, also try to maintain them always.

Take Care of Your Nails A Woman.jpg

Always pay attention to your fingernails to find out if they are good looking or not. Check them for dents, ridges, color, or even the shape. There are so many issues that can affect our nails when we don’t take care of them. However, you can avoid this by getting to know your fingernails better.

Getting to Know your Fingernails

The first thing to understand is knowing what forms your fingernails. Your fingernails are made up of Keratin, a protein that originates from the bottom of your fingernails to the tip of your fingernails. Understand that when your fingers are healthy, they have the same color, smooth texture, and no spots attached to them. Upon maturity, ridges that are vertical in shape tend to rise from the cuticle area of the nail to the tip. Any form of spot generated on the fingernails might be a sign of injury, but eventually, it leaves together with the fingernails.

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SNS Nail Supplies Online

SNS nail supplies is a nail brand that provides healthy and beautiful nails to women. It has established itself as a leader in the industry with some of the world’s best dipping powders.

The theory of dipping powder is easy. Rather than applying liquid nail polish to your nails, you use dipping powders.

SNS Nail

SNS Dipping powder

In the world of nail fashion, dipping powder has become a new trend. SNS nails provides us with a wide range of exciting and captivating color shades that improve nail appearance. Dip powder is available in various colors, from white, pink, blue, etc. to glitters.

This new trend involves using a brush to apply gel base on the natural nail and dipping the nails into powder. The advantage of this dip powder procedure is that you won’t find liquids, no unpleasant odor, and does not involve curing under ultraviolet light. It means that the application process is simpler and faster than most nail care methods, and the process of removal is also easy.

Dip powder nails give a natural look, and this powder gives the nails added strength than gels. There is nothing glued to your naturals, with your nail beds untouched and healthy. Another benefit is that when properly applied, the duration of dip powder can reach six weeks. 

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Swimmers Take Care of Your Hair

No doubt, swimming is the most relaxing activity in summers. Have you ever thought about the side effects on your hair during swimming? It turns hard and often breaks excessively much. Before your hair turns like dry straw, you should take care of it. Chlorine is used in the water of the pool, which damages the quality of your hair. Again, this is necessary for keeping the pool clean and helps in germ eradication smoothly.

Swimmers take care of your hair

Gear up Hair Routine

Before beginning with the hair care, you should note down; there are two ways. Firstly, you have to cleanse your hair pre and post your swimming activities. Chlorine can result in drying your hair strands and causes hair fall.


Oiling is necessary before going swimming. You can use light almond or olive oil. Massage it well on your scalp. Then take a bath. The oil acts as an extra guard on your hair strands that protects you from chlorine damage.  Massaging correctly on your scalp will help the moisture retention well.


Go for smooth shampoos for swimmers according to your hair type. A substantial amount of conditioner is significant for preventing the hair follicles from breakage. It works wonderfully against the harsh chemicals on your hair.

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Feel Better Faster with Essential Oils

Whats the secret to calming the itch caused by bug bites? Peppermint oil. Meanwhile, chamomile and tea tree oils relieve irritation caused by eczema and dandruff.

essential oils that treat arthritis

Although essential oils don't replace medication, they can help you feel better faster. Serious conditions should always be treated by medical professionals. But if you have a little itch that doesn't need a doctor, try these natural solutions.

To illustrate, a 2012 study tested chamomile against topical steroids. They discovered that applying chamomile twice a day reduced inflammation and itching and help the skin to heal without the side effects of the steroids.

What about arthritis? Lots of us deal with stiffness, aches, and inflamed joints. It affects our mood as well as our mobility. However, the cooling sensation brought on by peppermint oil reduces inflammation and pain. Plus, there are several other essential oils that treat arthritis.

Next, if your body isn't feeling good, it's hard to be agreeable and motivated. You could benefit from diffusing one of the best-smelling essential oils. Lavender is good for relaxing, or a little bergamot inspires cheerful thoughts.

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The Health Boosting Effects of Turmeric, and Saffron Supplements

The medicinal use of herbs and naturally occurring materials in organic form has been in great demand so far. It is important to know that when medicines are made or the supplements are formulated to treat any sort of illnesses and issues in the human body, they have to be make sure that there is no side effects caused by the medicines during the treatment process. It is only possible when the medicines are made up of organic compounds which are not harmless rather, have the power to improve the overall health conditions.

The Health Boosting Effects of Turmeric, and Saffron Supplements

Turmeric and saffron have been two of the most common ingredients of most of the Asian Ayurveda treatments because of the natural benefits and the various useful components found in these two medicinal plants.

Despite the fact that these two plants have lots of benefits for various health issues and can help in treating problems which are necessary to treat in a delicate manner, these are also used as a spice and may be sue din daily food items to add some flavor along with the usual benefits these spices offer.

There are many health boosting effects that can be experienced while taking in turmeric as a part of the food items in the form of spices or sometimes it is taken in the form of capsules or turmeric supplements as well. Turmeric has healing powers and make sure to offer quick healing of wounds when it is applied on the wounds. In case if it is taken in the form of capsules or dietary supplements, the effect of turmeric is noticeable as it promotes cell regeneration, reduces inflammation and also has an antibacterial and anti-microbial effect.

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