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Feel Better Faster with Essential Oils

The Health Boosting Effects of Turmeric, and Saffron Supplements


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Feel Better Faster with Essential Oils

Whats the secret to calming the itch caused by bug bites? Peppermint oil. Meanwhile, chamomile and tea tree oils relieve irritation caused by eczema and dandruff.

essential oils that treat arthritis

Although essential oils don't replace medication, they can help you feel better faster. Serious conditions should always be treated by medical professionals. But if you have a little itch that doesn't need a doctor, try these natural solutions.

To illustrate, a 2012 study tested chamomile against topical steroids. They discovered that applying chamomile twice a day reduced inflammation and itching and help the skin to heal without the side effects of the steroids.

What about arthritis? Lots of us deal with stiffness, aches, and inflamed joints. It affects our mood as well as our mobility. However, the cooling sensation brought on by peppermint oil reduces inflammation and pain. Plus, there are several other essential oils that treat arthritis.

Next, if your body isn't feeling good, it's hard to be agreeable and motivated. You could benefit from diffusing one of the best-smelling essential oils. Lavender is good for relaxing, or a little bergamot inspires cheerful thoughts.

As we write this article, we're in the middle of cold and flu season. It turns out that there are several essential oils that treat respiratory infections. Eucalyptus is a popular choice. You'll find it in cough drops because it's a powerful decongestant.

If you're curious about essential oils, but not willing to sink a lot of money into getting started, we understand. Try a starter kit that comes with an assortment of oils in 5ml bottles. There's no need to sign on as a reseller of any organization. In fact, there are several companies with good reputations that make products that pass rigorous testing for purity. Those oils are sold online just like any other merchandise.

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