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Swimmers Take Care of Your Hair

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Swimmers Take Care of Your Hair

No doubt, swimming is the most relaxing activity in summers. Have you ever thought about the side effects on your hair during swimming? It turns hard and often breaks excessively much. Before your hair turns like dry straw, you should take care of it. Chlorine is used in the water of the pool, which damages the quality of your hair. Again, this is necessary for keeping the pool clean and helps in germ eradication smoothly.

Swimmers take care of your hair

Gear up Hair Routine

Before beginning with the hair care, you should note down; there are two ways. Firstly, you have to cleanse your hair pre and post your swimming activities. Chlorine can result in drying your hair strands and causes hair fall.


Oiling is necessary before going swimming. You can use light almond or olive oil. Massage it well on your scalp. Then take a bath. The oil acts as an extra guard on your hair strands that protects you from chlorine damage.  Massaging correctly on your scalp will help the moisture retention well.


Go for smooth shampoos for swimmers according to your hair type. A substantial amount of conditioner is significant for preventing the hair follicles from breakage. It works wonderfully against the harsh chemicals on your hair.

Hair Spray

When you go outside, applying a few drops of hair spray is always a brilliant idea. It helps to balance the hydration of the hair. Therefore, dry or rough hair caused due to hard water can be treated well. There are many hard water shampoos , which you can invest in for better hair therapy at home.

Why is a swimming cap necessary?

According to hair experts and salon professionals, wearing a hair mask helps an individual to maintain the health of the hair follicles. It also creates a clean look instead of causing any unmanageable mess while you are swimming. You must invest in a good hair cap, which can be tied well and will not cause any irritation.

After Swimming Care

You have to think of your hair post swimming because all this time you had spent long hours inside pool water. It needs to be adequately cleaned.

Shampooing and Hair Care

Simply choose anti-chloride-based hair products while bathing after you come back from swimming. Washing off the chlorine from hair otherwise becomes very hard for an individual. These shampoos also help in maintaining the natural color of your hair without turning it red. After that, use a leave-in conditioner to reduce the frizz of your hair. You can comb the hair strands once they are semi-dried.

Natural Remedies Against Chlorine

As you all spend the long duration in pool water mineral deposits need to be removed. You can use the following natural methods for your hair against chlorine and other harsh chemicals.

  • Once in a week, use apple cedar vinegar (1 cup) with water (3-4 cups) on your hair. Apply it from the roots until the hair ends. Keep it for drying till 5minutes; then you can wash it off. This helps to cleanse the chlorine well and strengthens the hair. It also gives a natural shine to your hair.
  • You need Vitamin C for preventing your hair from dandruff and dry flakes. Swimming causes your scalp to grow dry more. You can mix lemon juice with soda. The measurements should be 1/3 cup each. If you want, add orange juice with it.

Rinsing with this solution can work as a smooth homemade conditioner also. Deep nourishment is generated, and you will end up getting bouncy hair. Follow this for twice a week for better results.

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