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NutritionWise Testimonials

I was recommended to Nicole Meadow by my grandson's Pediatrician approximately one and a half years ago.  He has been overweight since he was young and was not aware of some of the habits he had developed which contributed to his weight problem.  I started bringing him to Nicole in an effort to help him learn to eat healthier, and, as a result, lose weight and feel better about himself.

My grandson has been seeing Nicole regularly every month or so since he started.  He and Nicole have developed a real rapport and he is happy to attend his appointments.  He has lost approximately 10 pounds since starting with Nicole and has pretty much maintained his weight while he continues to grow.  His BMI is finally in the normal range for the first time in his life.  He has incorporated the things Nicole has taught him about healthy eating into his every day routine, and continues to show an interest in making healthy choices.  My grandson's experience with Nicole has had a wonderful impact on his self-esteem.

Nicole is very positive and enthusiastic.  He leaves every appointment inspired and feeling good, no matter what the results of the previous month were.  I have had him out to dinner and on vacations numerous times and watched him execute many of the things Nicole has taught him.  I always get a kick out of watching him order his salad dry and dipping his fork in the dressing before eating each bite of lettuce.

I would strongly recommend that all children, whatever their size or weight, be exposed to someone like Nicole so that they have the opportunity to develop patterns of eating that become part of their life and would then hopefully  prevent many of the diseases that we as adults encounter, while at the same time experience improvement in their self esteem.  Nicole has been a wonderful addition to my grandson's life!

- J. C.

Nicole has been a gift to our family. I came to her anxious because my twelve-year-old daughter had decided that she needed to lose weight. I desperately wanted to stop the slide before her weight loss became very serious. Nicole met with both of us and her gentle, sensitive manner won my daughter over. She knew how to talk to my daughter, showing an interest in her life, and in the challenges my daughter perceived. She validated my daughter’s feelings, being sympathetic when she felt down, happy with her when she was excited about something. She worked with my daughter on a plan, always making sure that my daughter felt comfortable with it. She empowered her, showed her how she could be in charge of her nutrition in a positive way and was so caring. At the same time she was firm with my daughter when she needed to get her message across. She responded to my daughter’s calls, e-mailed sample food suggestions when my daughter requested them. It was as though my daughter was her only patient/client. She always made sure to let me know what was going on too so that, as an anxious mother, I did not feel threatened or out of the loop. I knew that if I had a question, Nicole would get back to me as soon as possible. We worked as a team, my daughter, Nicole and myself and I appreciated so much her valuable and crucial help. After about six months of working with Nicole, my daughter started turning around. She is still careful about what she eats, but thanks to Nicole’s guidance, her attention is more focused on eating healthily. We still see Nicole regularly and I welcome her advice, her input, and her reassurance that we are on the right track.

- C. M.

I just wanted to tell you that I've been seeing Patricia now for at least six months and I love her so much. She is one of the best things that has happened to me and my daughter in a long time. I have a small team of people working with me on my small IUGR baby and Patricia has been better than a mom to me (and way more knowledgeable). Anyway, just thought you should know how warm, smart, helpful, punctual, caring, honest and just amazing she's been and, I swear, I could almost tear up, but I couldn't have gotten through everything without her.

You've got good peeps there!!

- S. T.

Everytime I recommend Nicole Meadow and her colleagues at NutritionWise I do so with confidence.  She brings a unique skill set to the practice of nutrition, with her expertise in food allergies a true plus!

Nicole takes the time to work effectively with both kids and parents in a very professional, well rounded practice.

- Dr. JJ Levenstein, MD, FAAP (Boulevard Pediatrics Medical Group)


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